the relocation of flora.

Cupcake moved here this weekend.

Wait. WAIT.

This is the point I need to tell the story a little better.  Because that sentence cannot possibly convey the wordless kind of amazeballs wonder that the relocation of my confectionary cuddle partner and same-brained wunderkind kitty inspired in what I can only assume is the heart region of my chest.

I felt like the Grinch. My heart grew three sizes that day.

So, in an effort to eschew all forms of efficiency and rather communicate said sentence the way it felt:

Cupcake moved. Can see beach from house. Cats there too. But they’re awesomer than our cats. They eat cheese. And lettuce. They don’t smell like zombie corpses. Hello kitty statue. Hello Kitty calendar. Hello Kitty fighting to take control of all of the space! Boxes. So many boxes. And shoes. There are a million shoes. Now we’re wearing crowns. And flying around the kitchen. We’re climbing! We’re climbing the counters! We’re playing Crate and Barrel. But with sparkles! Clean all of the things! Put away all of the things! Take fifteen minute break. Take thirty minute break. Decide rest of the day is a break. Play dress up! Run! Run to the ocean! Sand! Palm trees! Unicorns! Sparkles! Homeless man! Ferris wheel! Urine container! THEN THERE’S SCRABBLE AND WE’RE SPELLING VAGINA! Boys contemplate our sanity. Boys contemplate wisdom of move. Boys contemplate divorce. Rapping. Rapping Justin Timberlake. Giggling. Giggling about Justin Timberlake. Boys start divorce procedures. BUT THERE’S STILL CATS EVERYWHERE!  PUT AWAY MORE THINGS! EAT MORE CHEESE! NAKED MEN FROM 1973 MOLESTING OUR EYES WITH THEIR HAIR! Boys leave. Say it is to unload the truck. Don’t believe boys. Cuddle. Cuddle the cats. Cuddle each other! Wine! MORE WINE! Boys come back! Boys love us! We love us! So much love! So much love we meld into one organism. AND THEN THERE ARE UNICORNS!

That’s actually closer to what it felt like.


~ by rubylocks on July 13, 2010.

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