more is better.

I think everything has happened in the last two months. And everything is the sort of thing you’re supposed to blog about as opposed to the pretty pictures of bondage clad sea creatures and pencil and ink criminal masterminds that usually populate my posts.


The catch 22 of my having-all-the-fun, writing-none-of-the-things contortion of sorts is when you’re doing the everything, you have time for approximately nothing.


All of the above? Is a half truth.


I have in fact been living a life that includes all of my favorite things. There have been scantily clad women, Disney characters, 2 tattoos, 14 hair colors, holidays I hate, holidays I love, dress up days, dress up nights, high heels, higher heels, comic books, comic movies, comic tattoos, late nights, early mornings, and times when the two have become one and I then want to fall asleep on top of, under, or in my desk. There has been an obscene amount of jazz and burlesque and an even more obscene amount of wine, but as is the case with all three, even an obscene amount is never enough. There has been play, and work and an awesome sort of alchemical turning of work into play because of the presence of my favorite plaything.


But there have also been an abundance of nights where I eat and drink and read Harry Potter (again and again) and have all the time in the world to do with whatever I please. And I please to do nothing, nothing in the form of going to the bookstore to drink copious amounts of tea, watching every Universal horror flick ever made (73 times), coloring in my eyebrows until the boy calls me Groucho, discussing with Flora the various reasons for which we are going to hell (said list is extensive and updated daily), and going to bed at an hour of which my mom would approve.


And it’s glorious.


It’s all really fucking rad.


So my resolution for 2011?


Is more of the same. More of the new, more of the old, MORE.


Because by some divine joke, the life of this sinner? Is fucking heavenly.



~ by rubylocks on January 4, 2011.

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