blonde have more fun (question mark)

I’m a blonde again.

Because NO I don’t learn and YES I do have multiple personalities each with their own hair color and OK FINE right now the Betty version of me, the cupcake sans skulls plus extra frosting just give me a bikini and a tan because all I think about is sunshine and making out Katie is winning. And as such, she should be properly represented.

This time.

As opposed to this time.

This time, I’m ok with it. And yes, I only said ok because really? I was born to be a redhead despite, well, apparently god’s opinion to the contrary. And while I’m loving the platinum because SWEET LORD I CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING BECAUSE NO ONE SUSPECTS THE BLONDE (except if you do in fact rear end someone with your environmentally friendly car, because, well then, no amount of blonde can sweep that one under the table BUT THAT’S A STORY FOR A DIFFERENT DAY!)

anyinsaneramblings… back on track. yes. Loving platinum but am already quite convinced I will eventually murder the Betty portion of my personality so Scarlet can make a grand reemergence (but perhaps not before a raven hue makes a guest starring appearance). But you know what doesn’t make me want to reach for the bottle of blood hued hair dye?

The fact that you think I should.

Because apparently everyone is under the impression that my hair color is a democracy.

FYI: It’s not.

It’s a dictatorship. Even if said dictatorship is run by multiple personalities.

Because while I smile during your reprimands about why exactly I should DYE IT BACK RIGHT NOW OH MY GOD!, really I just want to slap you with stale pop tarts and celery stalks.

But because I’m me (read: emotional maturity of a toddler), the fact that you. and everyone. want me to be red again,  well, that just ensured that I reached for the bleach  Sunday night and went blonder bitches (insert na na na na na na here)!

So back off, because no, it doesn’t feel OH SO GOOD YES MORE PLEASE MORE to hear that you think I don’t look as edible as yesterday.

Because PLEASE, I’m still fucking cupcake flavored.


~ by rubylocks on June 3, 2010.

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