the one where we didn’t die.

The world didn’t end.

So that’s good.

Though I had no such skyward hopes of heavenly transcendence as I am acutely aware of my heathen status, I can’t deny I was looking forward to my starring role in the Battlefield Earth theatrics of modern times should Jesus choose to pay us a visit and smite the shit out of all of us sinners.

I had a tough leather jacket, a bikini top, and a school girl skirt just for the Sucker Punch occasion of it all.

But dude, he’s Jesus- regardless of your belief system (of which I obviously have none), I give the guy more credit than his self aggrandizing fanatical followers and venture a guess that he can in fact differentiate between sinners of the death and destruction watch the world burn and get all stabby for fun sort- and the others of us, those that choose to ascribe to a less rigid form of social structures and moral imperatives perhaps, but still fundamentally good people. People who (gasp!) have grown up ideas about right and wrong that have nothing to do with sex before marriage and the gender of the love of your life- and much more to do with the care and keeping of our fellow citizens and a universal search for happiness of our own while supporting exactly whatever alien ideas of contentment it is that others seek.

I’m much less stabby and much more peace, love, and rainbows lately, can you tell?

And while I know the exact cause of my new found life is grand, love the world, unicorns and glitter for everyone outlook on la vida, the details of said about face are boring- the stuff of Lifetime movies and every song ever written by Taylor Swift. SO rather than bore you with the very human details, suffice it to say life is good.

So very, very good. And I thank God (science?) everyday for it.

So had there been a rapture of the float upwards sorts this past weekend, I was pretty secure in the fact that 1. Regardless of my affinity to live and die bad girl, I am in fact a good person and 2. If going to heaven meant spending eternity with the fundamentalist backwards sort of Christians who preach hate rather than love, I would elect to stay here among my heathens thank you very much.

The costumes are better any way- I’d choose post-apocalyptic leather over a halo any day.


~ by rubylocks on May 23, 2011.

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