due corpi una mente

I was going to say that anger was the instigating force that prompted me to write again, I had a vicious diatribe of feminist vitriol aimed at the hegemonic power structure and had my crossbow aimed at the financial bullshit connected to having a vagina- but then I got distracted by zombies, and well, zombies always win, especially when your brain capacity is that of an ADD addled 4-year-old. So, inspired by the girlish squeals the undead prompt in me, a boy who makes my heart go not so much pitter patter as FUCKING THUMP THUMP THUMP, and a bevy of beauties that be still my heart, today’s topic is… LOVE (but also tattoos and zombies and esp and past lives and outer space YAY!).

Despite my proclivity for the stab, there are a number of people, a number that takes more than one hand and perhaps a foot to count, that I would have no problem being chained to for eternity and in fact quite seriously suspect we’re all meant for each other in a cosmic kismet and shared past lives sort of way  (and this from a girl who thinks marriage is akin to torture). Perhaps more mind-boggling is the fact that a fair few of this motley crew that I would gladly save seats next to me on the bus to hell (because that’s certainly where I’m bound), willingly proclaim they are EXACTLY LIKE ME. It doesn’t escape my notice that proclaiming your similarity to such a calamity is akin to self-flagellation, but perhaps more intriguing is the fact that I am actually, upon cursory glance- NOTHING LIKE ANY OF MY SAME BRAINED COHORTS. And yet we’re exactly the same. Riddle me that.

The fair four who are oft-quoted calling themselves my twin include a Republican med school student who calls the Midwest her home, a dessert bound and wedded mom to be, a Southern cocktail waitress turned business bad ass who looks just as hot in a business suit as a corset, and a confection of Katy Perry proportions come to life with a tiny waist, a big growl, a husband that’s obsessed with her, a place on the beach, and a penchant for dressing like a J Crew ad.

It goes without saying that we’re more different than even Audrey was to Marilyn.

We are from different planets.

But contrary to a.) popular belief b.) everything you’ve been taught and c.) logic, we are terrifyingly alike. And we bask in the glow of our collective similarities, we squeal over simultaneously uttered phrases, we shout OHMYGODMETOO 27 times a day, we make entirely different life choices that strangely all lead us to the same places, and if you’re me, you tattoo a reference to said sameness on your ribcage. In Italian.

We do all this. I do all this. I am so thankful for this, for them, because it makes me feel like maybe. Just maybe.

I’m not alone.


~ by rubylocks on August 27, 2010.

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