We made a deal ages ago. Men? Babies? It doesn’t matter! We’re soulmates.

This weekend was spent in the presence of one Miss Cupcake Du Jour who parades around these parts under many a pseudonym, each more glittery and unicorn-esque than the last. And while I could barely support minimal brain functions and in fact may have forgotten to breath, blink, or bathe (ew) on more than one occasion because OHMYGODITISSOHOT, somewhere in the midst of the vodka to which we are apparently immune, outfit changes to which we succumb hourly, and giggles fits to which no one else reacts, I had an epiphany of pegasus proportions.

Disney lies.

Because even if you get your prince (she certainly has), even if you’re madly in love (she certainly is), even if your significant other is THE ONE in a way that necessitates capital letters, love (and life) is more than a lust fueled infatuation, more than an inherent need and bruised longing, more than ‘I do.’ Love is more than just me and you.

And the loves of my life? There are less than many, but more than a few. (HOLY SHIT THE RHYMING)

But mostly there’s the four women and two sisters and one mom that I simply could not, would not, will not ever live without (HOLY SHIT THE DR. SEUSS).

So while Disney, and Cosmo, and Nicholas Sparks, may tell you there is one very specific person for you and one very specific happily ever after, a Harry Potter-esque potion of vodka, and cheese, and 120 degree heat assured me otherwise.

I know I could never whisper “You complete me” to just one person, because  the aforementioned seven women are the corresponding shapes, the puzzle pieces that would inspire me to shout Jerry Maguire references, and without each one, I’d be much less muchier.

Because without Jennifer, I’m a cupcake without frosting (and no one likes muffins).

And without Alisha I’m a mustard without ketchup.

And the list goes on (and surely is laden with romanticized food references because i’m nothing if not a fat little kid).

But the truth remains the same.

The loves of my life?

Are the amazing women to whom I owe my everything.

Because prince charmings are nice, but friends, are nothing short of necessary.


~ by rubylocks on June 7, 2010.

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