i like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet

Budgeting makes me feel stabby.

Not so much because I am capable in anyway of directing where my meager funds make their way throughout the month. I gave up such delusions of grandeur long ago as I have the self control of a sugar starved seven year old on Halloween. No, I just hate doing grown up things, I’d much rather prance about in a tutu while getting a red skittles tongue and lip-sinking to the Spice Girls than, you know, enter data into fucking Excel.

Imagine that.

So while I have no such noble intentions as to actually save money (am worst adult ever) nor even filter it towards more productive means (again. worst. adult. ever.), I thought it would be…interesting… to perhaps actually have some idea of where all that lovely little paper (lie. plastic) goes.

Ok. Full disclosure. I just wanted an excuse to play with highlighters. Their neon, inky, see through goodness was entirely too tempting to ignore. Also? Work is boring.

The sum of two cups of coffee, a sheet of wide ruled notebook paper, nine electric colors, and the calculator button on the computer? The wholly unwanted awareness that I spend more on shoes than rent, and the knowledge that  I am essentially an elementary aged, lisa frank obsessed, hello kitty sticker sporting, smelly eraser smudging third grader with a raging highlighter addiction.

Now I just need a fucking jelly roll pen!

job of the day: professional wedding guest


~ by rubylocks on February 22, 2010.

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