Blogging is the New Black OR My Ripoff of a Jen Lancaster Title in an Attempt to be Mildly Witty Instead of Just Saying Hello

After months of pouring over approximately 3,212 blogs and (thrice) daily exclamations of “OhMyGodICouldTotallyDoThisIfOnlyICouldStopEfingProcrastinating!” I decided that though I’m not certifiably interesting nor visibly clever, I had to stop being a lurker extraordinaire and borderline stalker, and instead, join the fray.

The fact that I, like Hermione Granger,  love the sound of my own voice perhaps a bit too much may have something to do with it as well…

I wish I could say I will transfix you with a storied theme or even coherent musings on a singular topic, but, alas, my blog is destined to be as restless as my mind and will surely wander in search of the grandiose and significant, while more often than not get distracted (oh! look.. something sparkley!) by yummy tomes, headless queens, and Draper-era fashions.

Indeed,  what you will find down this rabbit hole are the (surely psychotic) reflections of a burgeoning hippie, wannabe Stepford wife, and pinup aficionado who bi-polarly vacillates between wanting to be a badass business woman (chosen accessory: Louboutins!) and a borderline vagabond (chosen accessory: maps!) who just so happens to spend her days climbing the ladder in Corporate America: Tinseltown Edition.

So here’s my short and simple (read: paragraphs long) greeting, and some very much deserved kudos to the remarkable few who post (multiple times!) daily, oh how I aspire to be as charming, capable, and compelling as you! For now I’ll settle for having something to fill this rectangular space each day.

Glasses raised to you, dear reader(s),  thanks for letting me come play.


~ by rubylocks on November 10, 2009.

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